Draw a sloth video

A Graphic Designer Teacher How to Draw a Sloth in Adobe Illustrator

I relocated this from a sloth-focused website I had for a bit. Written from a slothy perspective, thus the verbiage about the “human friend.” But I like his illustrator videos and this is a fun watch that gives a good perspective on use of the curvature tool in Adobe Illustrator.

My human friend has been increasingly wanting to create her own vector images. Of course, some of them are portraits of ME! Or at least, sloths.

She’s been improving her skills in Illustrator by leaps and bounds, but found this video looking for inspiration for her slothly drawings.

Good news! It seems she was on the right track with using the curvature tool for this!

Next sloth, though, she’ll try starting with a hand sketch instead of just trying to do everything in illustrator.

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