The towel which must not be moved embroidery file

Free Machine Embroidery File: The Towel Which Must Not Be Moved

Do you live with a picky person who insists that you NOT move their dish towel one inch? Is that person also a Harry Potter fan? Do you have an embroidery machine? Make them a sort of passive-aggressive dish towel with this free machine embroidery file which fits a 5×7 hoop.

How to use BX fonts

How to Easily Create Text on an Embroidery Machine Without Investing in Expensive Embroidery Software (and making some sweary retro dish towels, if you want them:)

If you have an embroidery machine and want to easily create text, BX fonts may be your new best friend. Here’s how to use them, and my files for some sweary retro dish towels.

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