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  • Rose Apothecary Machine Embroidery File

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    Make a gift for your Schiit’s Creek fan or add a Bit of Wow to your own thing with this Rose Apothecary machine embroidery file which comes in either a large or medium size.

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  • Ouija Planchette Cookie Cutter and Stamp Set PLA 3D printed

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    It won’t help you communicate with the dead (or maybe it will if they liked cookies) but our 3D-printed ouija planchette cookie cutter and stamp set might help you make good cookies.

    This is a 3D-printed cookie cutter. Please read the long description below before ordering.

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  • Espresso Patronum Nespresso Black Capsule Holder — versions available for either Nespresso OriginalLine or VertuoLine

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    Show off your magical collection of Nespresso capsules with this Harry Potter-themed Espresso Patronum Nespresso Capsule Holder.

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  • Jeremy Bearimy Embroidery Files

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    If you know that Jeremy Bearimy is NOT a person (Unless this IS your name then we apologize. And think your name is awesome!)but instead is the way time moves in the afterlife (according to The Good Place, anyhow), and you are the owner of an embroidery machine, you might love our Jeremy Bearimy machine embroidery files.

    Note that the per-item images were software-generated. For now we have single-run designs. We HAVE made a satin-stitch design of this but actually prefer the single run and may add the satin stitch version in the future.

    Note that this is for DOWNLOADABLE EMBROIDERY FILES…not for the cap.

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  • Ouija Planchette 3D printed cookie cutter

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    We can’t claim you can communicate with the deceased with this ouija planchette cookie cutter…but you might make a good cookie! This is a 3D-printed cookie cutter made from PLA. Please read the long description below thoroughly before ordering.

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  • “To Serve Man” Heavy Duty Embroidered Cotton Apron

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    This heavy-duty 100% cotton To Serve Man apron is embroidered with mysterious characters on the front.

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  • Angry Scholars of Eorzea T-shirt Unisex Adult Large — Outlet Store Item

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    This is an outlet store item. It’s a size large and just like the other similar tshirts in our shop, but the vinyl in the body of the fairy on the front of the shirt has a wrinkle in it.

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  • “Never Trust The Living” Beetlejuice-inspired acrylic planchette earrings

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    These earrings are inspired by a quote from Beetlejuice and the Ouija board, these Never Trust the Living planchette earrings are fun for Halloween or any day.

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  • Yay Coffee! Black Acrylic Nespresso Capsule Holder.

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    Keep your pods close at hand and celebrate your love for coffee with this acrylic black Yay Coffee Nespresso Pod Holder. Please note that the blue example is to show how it holds the pods. This version is glossy black acrylic.

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  • Twinkle Twinkle Sweary Retro Kitchen Towel

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    A woman looks longingly at her reflection in a kitchen pot, wondering, “Twinkle twinkle shiny pan, tell me who the f**k I am!” In this sweary retro housewife tea towel.

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  • Keep Calm and Bake On Apron

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    Even if everything isn’t going your way in the kitchen — keep calm. The Keep Calm and Bake On apron is one size and is black 100% cotton.

    This is an OUTLET STORE ITEM so it’s non-returnable. Why is it in our outlet store? Because it has a patch of cut-away stabilizer on the reverse of the embroidery. We’ve recently gone to using a more removable stabilizer for our new aprons.

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