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  • Laserable Leatherette Sheets 12 Inches x 17.75 Inches

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    If you own a CO2 laser you generally hear that you cannot laser cut or engrave PU leather. Not so with these laserable leatherette sheets. These are made for engraving with your CO2 laser.

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  • Laserable Leatherette Notebooks A5 Size Ruled

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    Most type of PU leather can’t be safely laser cut or engraved. Not so with our laserable leatherette notebooks. These notebooks can be engraved with your CO2 laser — some engrave to black, some to metallic.

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  • Red But First Coffee Acrylic Nespresso Capsule Holder

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    Keep your coffee pods close at hand with this acrylic red But First Coffee Nespresso capsule holder.

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  • “You’ll Eat it and You’ll Like It” Embroidered Retro Housewife Apron

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    Tell them what their attitude toward your cooking will be with this You’ll Eat it and You’ll Like it Apron embroidered with a vintage housewife design.

    This is an OUTLET STORE ITEM so it’s non-returnable. Why is it an outlet store item? Because it has a patch of cut-away stabilizer on the back of the embroidery design and we’ve recently gone to using a removable stabilizer on our aprons.

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  • 11oz Red Ampersand Mug

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    We love a fancy ampersand. Deliver your morning dose of caffeine in our 11oz red ampersand mug.

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