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Christmas Sloth Machine Embroidery Files

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Dress up…whatever you want with Christmas Sloth machine embroidery files featuring a happy sloth enjoying the holidays by danging from some Christmas lights (is that safe?)


Enjoy the holidays…slowly. And decorate your holiday stuff with Christmas Sloth machine embroidery files featuring a playful sloth dangling from a string of lights and sporting a Santa hat.

The 9-color design comes in a few different sizes.

4×4 hoop: 2.565″ W x 3.144″ H

5×7 hoop: 4.606″ W x 4.890″ H

Large hoop: 6.744″ W x 7.159″ H

The files are in a compressed (zip) file folder with files in the following formats as well as a color chart, according to what size of the design you purchase:

  • .PES
  • .DST
  • .JEF
  • .HUS
  • .JPX
  • .VP3
  • .XXX

This happy sloth has a lot of dense stitches. I found that it stitches well with a medium-weight cutaway stabilizer (I like Sulky Cut-Away Plus)

Please note that for testing I stitched this one out on a very old 6-needle machine using ONE color (white) of bobbin thread — this accounts for the white flecks that you see in the demos in the black parts of the design. It is not designed that way!


  • One customer with a Brother machine had difficulty with reading the file. Both of my Brother machines stitch it great! It may have been due to her machine, but I became aware that some older machines may not read PES version 10, so I’ve also added a version 6 file here in case your machine is not running the latest version.
  • The 4×4 file, as all of these sloths, were test-stitched using 100% cotton and a cut-away stabilizer. For more delicate or stretchy fabric, the lower claws of the small sloth were apparently an issue for some people. I’ve added another file set here for the small version that has the claws as single lines vs. statin stitch (you can see this in one of the photos).



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