3D Sloth Things I Want to Make With a 3D Printer

Here's a big list of all of the sloth 3D printables I want to print!


I can imagine a bunch of awesome sloth things that I could make if I started 3D modeling. Maybe someday…but sloths aren’t big on motivation! So here is a big list of sloth 3D printables I want to make. Most are free; a few are paid — but I plan to (eventually) make them anyways, someday, when I’m done napping!

Awesome Sloth Things to Make With a 3D Printer

The photos are from the sites themselves, but I may post my makes separately as I finally get them completed. The sloth hook is my favorite!

Ease-Up Sloth Hook

This one’s available from Clide on Thingiverse. It takes a bit of Silly Putty and rubber bands to get it operational.

This helpful sloth’s maker conveniently posted a YouTube video showing it in action:

Sloth Motto Stand-Up

This one is available courtesy of ananci on Thingiverse. It has sort of the look, to me, of an enamel pin (I think the design would be a great one, if it’s not already).

This sort of flat modeling will likely be some of the first type I do when I finally stop napping and start modeling (3d, that is, though I’d say I’m a pretty good-looking sloth).

Other variations on this:

Sloth Buddha

I’m glad people realize that sloths are not only peaceful, but wise. Make your own sloth Buddha courtesy of JohnMaxipad (hmmm?) on Thingiverse.

Other Buddha Sloth 3D Printables :

Knowledge is Power AstroSloth

I visualize my friend, Cheryl, putting this on a column in her entryway. You can get the files for your own 3D printer courtesy of bilbobaggins on Thingiverse.

Variations on AstroSloth:

I realize the above might be the variation, but you can also get:

Screen Sloth

This is a dual-purpose sloth that both hangs on your monitor AND holds your air fern. It’s courtesy of Makewithoutlimits on Thingiverse.

Secret Compartment Sloth

I have fantasies about being a secret agent *yawn*. But you can secret away your valuables in style with this sloth bust with a secret compartment via TwistedBoards on Thingiverse.

Sloth Marine

While the sloth Buddha, I think, accords with the general philosophy of my species, somehow, I think, this guy does not. It would need to be a very pissed-off — and motivated — Bradypus who would find himself in this position. Hmmm..that might make an interesting story to think of an event that would bring a sloth to this.

What do you think would lead a sloth to this outcome?
What do you think would lead a sloth to this outcome?x

Anyway, this sloth — whether defender or whatever his deal is — is available courtesy of shawn172 on Thingiverse.

Other Fighting Sloths

  • If you really want a fighting sloth, this Ninja sloth is even cooler, but does come with price tag of around $5.00 for the model.

Sloth Cherubs

Get ready for love that…burns at a slow simmer? A perfect gift for your sloth-loving valentine this set of four cherubs is. It’s available thanks to NayRob on Thingiverse.


I find Slothy a bit frightening. Look at those arms, banded together by stringy stuff! But I suppose Slothy, after receiving the spa treatment involving a manicure and some makeup might actually be cute! Let’s do a makeover!

Slothy is courtesy of CowKitty on Thingiverse.


OMG! Kellerweis, you are a man after my own heart! My friend, Cheryl, frequently adds either sloths or octopuses to things, and drew something once she called the KrakenSloth. Here it is, in 3D form with moveable appendages.

This one’s available from Kellerweis on Thingiverse.

Cookie cutters are a fun and easy thing to make with a 3D printer. I’m not going to show a photo of each one here — the one pictured I’ve seen and used as an image from Canva!

Here’s the list:

Sloth Hooks

These are adorable and I want to make them in a bunch of bright colors. They’re courtesy of cihan0933 on Thingiverse.

Cute Sloth

This sloth is adorable and my friend, Cheryl, would love to have it on her desk. At the time of this writing, the file costs $3.11. It’s available from Usagi Pan 3D on Cults3D.

Other Sloths One Could Call “Kawaii”

Realistic Sloth

This realistic-looking sloth is via Waledimad on Cults3D.

Sleeping Sloth Love Ornament

This is unbelievably cute when printed with wood filament (at least it looks as though it is!) It’s $2.43 on Cults 3D at the time of this writing.

Sloth Incense Burner

It looks like this sloth from Yehia on Cults3D can hold your incense stick.

Do you know of any other sloth 3D printables? Let us know!
What do you think would lead a sloth to this outcome?x

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