Terms and Conditions

This page serves as our terms and conditions page for both registration and post submission and our shop pages.

If you accept this, you acknowledge that you’ve read this as well as our privacy policy and our returns and refund policy (if you’re placing an order) as this is inclusive of both. If you’d like to ask a question you may do so on our FAQ page.

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You have the option of registering on our website. Doing so allows you to submit posts, track orders that you’ve placed, submit returns, and subscribe to comments. We may add future features as well for registered customers and subscribers.

Registering and privacy

Please also review our privacy policies for more information.

When you register you get a user page which you can access via a link in our website menu.

We’ve set up our website for user profiles to be private by default and for profiles NOT to show on a “member directory” page. You can set your profile to public if you’d like from a link in the “my account” second which you can access at the right side of your profile page.

If you set your profile to public, items such as your name, bio, social media links, website URL, etc will be visible. Shop and account information are private. For some items you can toggle privacy settings.

Email newsletters

Like most websites, we keep an email list which we use for post updates, newsletters, product and sale notifications.

We utilize Mailchimp for email services.

While currently we are no longer using Mailchimp to send order notifications, we do keep a list based on customers. We do not, however, automatically subscribe customers to our email newsletters — you can, however, subscribe if you want.

We respect privacy and use double opt-in whenever possible. Some of the services on our website bypass the double optin but we’ve set up protocols to help us only send email newsletters to those who’ve opted in.

If you sign up via a form on our website, you should receive a confirmation email and only get subscribed if you respond to it. This filters out a great number of spam subscriptions and keeps most people from unexpectedly ending up on our email list when they don’t want to be.

Users who register on our website or who sign up for product back-in-stock notifications are automatically added to our email list. Such subscribers should receive a welcome email with information about either updating their preferences or unsubscribing. We then only send emails to subscribers who respond and update their frequency preferences.

If you get an unexpected email from our list, we are truly sorry. You can always unsubscribe at any time via a link at the bottom of any email sent from our email list (note that this does not include automated emails sent by our website such as site registration optins, order notifications, etc.)

Comments and website interaction

By registering, you agree to be a decent human being on this website and be respectful if you choose to engage in a comment discussion thread. We reserve the right to ban users for flaming, spamming, or anything else counterproductive to our managing this website or people enjoying this website. If we ever add forums to this website, this extends to forum discussions as well.

You can, of course, post honest reviews. If you hate our poo emoji embroidery patch, feel free to say what a pile of poo it is! We won’t remove a review just because we don’t like it. But do try to be constructive in your product reviews. We reserve the right to remove reviews if they’re spammy or unhelpful.

Deleting Your Account

If you would like to delete your account and its data, you may do so by accessing the dropdown menu on the right side of your profile page next to your user avatar. From there, go to “Account Settings.” There you’ll find a link on the right side of the page to delete your account or export your data.

Post Submission

For more information about submitting a post, or if you have a question about this, please see our FAQ page.

As explained there, we do not offer payment, accept payment for posts (at least not at this time, we reserve the right to change this policy in the future), and we do not guarantee any “dofollow” links. We make that decision on a link-by-link basis depending on the link’s helpfulness to the content.

By submitting a post to us, you are stating that you have the right to the content you submitted and any images attached. Images from free sites like Pexels or Unsplash are fine to use, as are your own photos. If you use photos from a website like Flickr, make sure you know what the rights are and cite appropriately. For instance, if you find a photo on Flickr that you want to use, and see that it’s a “Commercial use with attribution” license — please add a citation of who the author is, what the CC license is (usually Creative Commons share-alike 2.0)and link to the original photo.

We publish posts from guest authors featuring tutorials and “how-tos,” DIY tips, etc. Please do not ask us to publish your post about gambling, martial arts, your morning routine. That sounds mean, but we’ve had other websites where people routinely asked about submitting content wildly unrelated to the topics of our website. If we want to go off-topic, well…ok, maybe. We reserve the right to decline to publish anything as we see fit and have no obligation to keep content on our website; we may remove posts at will (though we rarely do).

We auto-add affiliate links for certain terms. We stand to make a small commission on these links and links may end up in your post if we have a partnership with any brands to which you refer in your post. Likewise, if we decide at some point to use ads on our website, whether they be internal ads, affiliate ads, or personalized ads such as Adsense, ads may show up alongside or in the body of your post.

Shop Terms and Conditions

We like to experiment with crafts and you’ll find most of the items in our shop are handmade (or made by us with a variety of crafting equipment and machines, if you can call laser cutting, machine embroidery, sublimation printing, etc. “handmade.”

In the future we may also sell some non-handmade items such as craft supplies.

Item Variations

As many of our items are handmade, you may find small variations between individual items. The photos of items on the website are closely representative of the item you’ll receive but, for instance, in the case of a wood espresso holder you might find some differences in edge finish or wood grain.


Shipping times

It’s our goal to ship products within two business days. Often, we ship the next business day depending on when you placed your order.

The time the product takes to get to you, of course, depends on the shipping method you choose. USPS first class and retail ground typically take between 2-8 days for delivery in the continental US once they’re shipped. USPS Priority Mail typically takes 1-3 days for delivery once shipped.

International packages may take up to three weeks to arrive, depending on your location.

Shipping methods

We offer several methods of shipping. Shipping is calculated in your cart based on item weight, package size, and location upon checkout.

Shipping locations

We ship in the continental United States and we do ship internationally to most locations. We do not ship to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Ukraine, Sierra Leone, Palestinian Territories, Myanmar, Crimea Ukraine, Liberia, Lebanon, Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Ghana, Kazakhstan.

There are some high-value or large products for which we might disable international shipping, however.

Free shipping

We currently offer free shipping in the US on orders over $100 and orders over $35 within Washington State. We may change our free shipping options in the future as we assess how things are going with free shipping.

Downloadable products

For virtual and downloadable products, delivery of your file(s) is available immediately in your account once your payment has been processed.

Shipping refunds

On returns, we do not offer refunds for shipping costs unless the item was lost or damaged in transit. And you are responsible for return shipping costs unless the item was damaged in transit or not as described.


Payment methods accepted

We accept most major credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, Apple Pay. We currently use Stripe as our payment processor for both website and in-person payments should you happen to find us at a gift show. We do not accept personal checks. We do not accept cash via mail for online payments but, of course, will accept cash if we’re at events.

If you find that we’ll be at an event, you can purchase on the website and choose local pickup at a specific event.

Returns and Refunds

There’s a page for that! For more information about returns and refunds, please visit our returns and refunds policy page. In a nutshell, we do not accept returns on downloadable items. We accept returns within 30 days on tangible items but we request that you let us know within 7 days of receipt if you intend to return an item. We refund amounts to the original payment method. We do NOT accept returns on customized items.

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